Reduce costs by streamlining your back-office payment processing.

Online Payments via web payments grew by 10.2 percent to 3.6 billion transactions through the ACH Network in 2014. Web transactions made up nearly 20 percent of ACH Network volume.

The EMoney EFT platform supports all back office collections and check processing requirements. Merchants can import payment information from an existing system or tailor individual payment plans to meet customer requirements. This tokenized solution removes sensitive customer data from any company’s internal network and replaces it with a unique ID. The token is then used to retrieve, access, and manage all records in a secure environment.

Benefits & Features:

  • Online access

  • Lower transaction fees

  • Automatic settlement

  • Preferred Funding

  • Multi-location processing

  • Debit authorization/protection

  • Enhanced security

  • Extensive reporting

  • Automated collections

  • Tailor payment schedules

  • Payment activity analysis

  • Import payments

  • Manage custom alerts

  • Manage thousands of customers

  • Tokenize sensitive data

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